I’m just beginning, the pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned…

Today is where my book begins… 

I used to be a really good writer–but somewhere around Journalism 101, I lost all motivation. I used to think that one day I’d even write for Essence, be their featured columnist and all that jazz…but that obviously hasn’t happened. I think I write best when given a subject to work from. So, I’ll write some random facts about myself until I can think of something more witty and interesting.

#1. I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I’m still figuring out my entire heritage so I can have a sense of where I “really” come from. My mother was born in Trinidad, my father in Harlem.  I know I’ve got a mix of Panama, Grenada, Carib Indian, and some Martinique blood running through my veins, but I’m not sure what’s what. I plan to go the Alex Haley route and trace it one day.

#2. I can be super lazy–but once I put my mind to something, it’ll get done. I can take an idea and run with it. I planned a huge Apollo-style talent show in college, in about two months. It raised $700~students were only charged $2.

#3. I’m on word press for the sole fact that I want to know what people outside of xanga have to say about what I write. Sure, I’ve formed relationships on xanga, but this will allow for outside comments from people I don’t know on that level. I like the word press spellchecker aspect, but hate that it counts my words, limiting the speed at which I can see what I type.

#4. I have an issue with conflict. I don’t like arguments, and I often let anger pile up until I burst. I know it’s unhealthy, but it’s very hard for me to confront someone the first time I’m upset without it turning into a big thing.

#5. I really like the whole triple period thing…I forget what it’s called, but lately I use it quite often. It’s so much more fun that a regular period. It’s like…hey, there’s more coming.

#6. I’m still growing. I fancy myself this “adult”, but I’m really just beginning to find myself. Somehow I believe that I should have everything figured out by now, but I’m not even close.


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